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Amela Filipović

Amela Filipović was born in Sarajevo and graduated from the Faculty of Law at the University of Sarajevo. In 2001 she opened her own practice as an Attorney-at-Law.Ms. Filipović began her professional career at the Sarajevo Municipality court as a trainee. She worked at Sarajevo insurance company as an expert assistent for road accident claims. During the agression on BiH, Ms. Filipović served as an interpreter/translator/office manager for the BBC.Ms. Filipović has dedicated much of her time and energy to fundraising and humanitarian work. As one of the founding members of the International Women's Club in Sarajevo, she was actively involved in establishing the Holiday Baazar. Now known as the Diplomatic Baazar, it has evolved into the premier holiday event of the year and a massive fundraising mechanism for humanitarian causes throughout the country. Ms. Filipović was an active member of the Club until its closing.In November 2018, Ms. Filipović became a member of the International Delta Sarajevo Rotary Club.