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In front of the Pediatric Clinic of the Clinical Center of the University of Sarajevo, the handover of a mobile ultrasound maschine for the Hematooncology Department was organized. The date of handover ceremony was 29th of April 2020. Rotary Club Sarajevo Delta International (RCSDI) and the Association "Heart for Children with Cancer" were united in the mission to help children with cancer and organised a donor dinner in November 2019. All together managed to raise 67.000 KM, which was the amount needed to purchase a mobile ultrasound machine.Representatives of RCSDI, the Association "Heart for Children with Cancer", and the management of the Pediatric Clinic of KCUS attended the handover. "We are very grateful to RCSDI and our friend Renata Savić for organizing a donor evening with us, which had one big and noble goal, and that is, above all, to help children with cancer. We managed to raise funds for the purchase of this important device for our children and we are proud that we managed to deliver the device in these difficult times for all of us," said the director of the association Fikret Kubat."We want to animate the business community even more with such an event and encourage their socially responsible business, because sometimes we are not aware of how much our little one can mean to someone else, especially children," said Haris Pinjo, president of RCSDI.Edo Hasanbegović, director of disciplines for child health at the Pediatric Clinic, explained the importance of having a mobile ultrasound machine."A mobile ultrasound machine is needed by all internal and pediatric clinics, especially for children - patients with serious diseases such as solid tumor leukemia said Hasanbegović.Haris Pinjo  expressed hope that this will serve as a good example for our society and that RCSID will continue to help children with cancer.

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