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Dr. Kurt Bassuener talk

On Wednesday, November 11, RCSID was delighted to welcome a guest speaker via Zoom.Dr. Kurt Bassuener, of the Democratization Policy Council and St. Andrew’s University, gave a talk entitled, ““BiH's Peace Cartel - The Mechanics of Permanent Oligarchy,” in which he discussed his research comparing the dynamics of political power-sharing in BiH and North Macedonia. He also led a discussion with participants on various avenues by which entrenched political elites can be effectively confronted in efforts to build more transparent and accountable governance systems, with a focus on grassroots, bottom-up initiatives and more effective international community democratization and anti-corruption policies.RCSID was pleased to have Rotarians from the clubs in Zenica and Mostar join. We look forward to making the best of the COVID-19 situation and necessary public health restrictions to invite more speakers to enhance Rotary BiH’s intellectual life during challenging times.

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