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International day of peace

International Day of Peace (21 September) was commemorated on RCSID fourth official meeting of the year. We have presented the continuity of the great Rotarian project (Peace Centers) whilst our members were introduced to the exquisite work of esteemed guest-lecturer Mr Peter Lippman. Mr Lippman is a highly diligent activist who spent 20 years in Bosnia and Herzegovina working on a variety of peacebuilding projects. He published a book under the title of “Surviving Peace: The Struggle of Postwar Recovery in Bosnia and Herzegovina” (available at "Buybook") hereby presenting to the larger public his views on the nature of Bosnian past, present and future in relation to peacebuilding processes.  The guest lecture of. Mr. Lippman was followed with a rich discussion round that offered manifold insights and shared initiatives. More of Peter Lippman writings can be found here: https://www.opendemocracy.net/en/author/peter-lippman/

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