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Marko Boštjančić

Born in Ljubljana, Slovenia, 1967, where he spent most of his life.  After completing studies at the Faculty of Law, University of Ljubljana, he worked for a short period at Ljubljana High Court but very soon, started build his  first business (these days it'd be popularly called a start-up)  in Information Communication Technology (ICT) until successful exit ten years later. Afterwards, He held various executive positions within the industry including serving as the Management Board member of Telekom Slovenije.  Throughout his career Marko worked extensively with a wide range of organizations, for example universities, research institutes and different local communities, assisting them in formulating their strategies, and helped develop deep connections between education, science and industry. He was also a founding partner and member of Rotary Club Carniola in Ljubljana in which he was active before moving to Sarajevo.  Since 2016 Marko live and work in Sarajevo as the CEO of MIBO Komunikacije, one of the largest ICT companies in Bosnia&Herzegovina. He live with his partner Tamara and have an adult son. We're passionate about travel, we love visiting different countries all over the world and we love exploring beautiful places of Bosnia&Herzegovina as well.  I love sport, skiing especially, and in summer I look forward to riding my Harley Davidson.