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RCSID Hosts French Ambassador

On Wednesday, June 12, 2024, the Rotary Club Sarajevo International Delta (RCSID) had the honor of hosting His Excellency, François Delmas, the French Ambassador to Bosnia and Herzegovina. The evening was marked by a captivating presentation by Ambassador Delmas, focusing on the forthcoming Olympic Games in Paris.

Members and guests of RCSID were privileged to gain insights into the efforts invested in organizing the prestigious Olympic Games and the overarching significance of sports. Ambassador Delmas passionately talked about Sports Diplomacy, shedding light on the French government's dedicated endeavors to foster international relations through sports initiatives.

The event provided a platform for engaging discussions, where RCSID members and guests exchanged thoughts and perspectives with the esteemed Ambassador on various pertinent topics.

In expressing gratitude to Ambassador Delmas for his enlightening discourse, RCSID echoes his sentiment shared during the meeting: "Doviđenja Sarajevo, vidimo se u Parizu!" 

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