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  2. RCSID donates 5,000 KM to Artes

RCSID donates 5,000 KM to Artes

During our 20th Anniversary Dinner, we raised 5,000 KM to support Artes' endeavors, underscoring our commitment to nurturing the arts and empowering youth. Artes is an organization led by academic musicians affiliated with the Music Academy of the University of Sarajevo. They have been organizing a music camp for young musicians for the second year now, which is the first camp of its kind in modern Bosnia and Herzegovina. The camp, after the audition, gathers 16 of the most excellent musicians, ages 11 to 18, from all over Bosnia and Herzegovina. At the Camp, young musicians will prepare for the performance of a program of Bach violin concerts, which is scheduled for April 2024.At our meeting last week, we welcomed Artes' representatives, Mr. Fuad Šetić and Ms. Yeon Ju Jeong. They shared insights into Artes' mission and vision and talked about preparations for this year's music camp.We extend our heartfelt thanks to Mr. Šetić and Ms. Jeong for their inspiring presentation and dedication to enriching our cultural landscape. We are proud to support them in their endeavors and positive change they wish to bring about through music and philanthropy. Thank you, ARTES, for your partnership and vision. 

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