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Winter Bazzar 2018

Traditional charity event “Diplomatic Winter Bazaar” took place on the 1st of  December at "Mirza Delibašić" Skenderija hall in Sarajevo, where among more than 40 embassies, national and international organizations, the Rotary Club Sarajevo International Delta (RCSID) participated by supporting the participation of two women NGOs – “Mali zenski Kutak” from Prozor and “Susreti” from Stolac. In a light of ongoing 16 Days of Activism  it made possible for them to raise funds for support of their activities of empowering women in BiH, but also highlighting the importance of combating domestic violence and violence against women.

“RCSID members enjoyed visiting NGOs Susreti Stolac and Mali Zenski Kutak Prozor, two organizations we supported this year at DWB, making possible for them to raise funds for their activities of protecting women and girls against violence in the family and from the partners”, said Zeljka Mudrovcic, the President of the RCSID. 

DWB visitors had the opportunity to taste and buy delicious food, different products and handicrafts prepared by these two NGOs.   

“We are happy and proud. Instead of us raising funds for NGOs, we supported them to do it by themselves. NGOs have made a great success in collecting funds by selling all homemade organically produced good quality products at the Bazaar. Congratulations!” Ms. Mudrovcic added.

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