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ProReha Project

 In 2018, ProReha (www.proreha.ba)  founded the Social Enterprise “Greens” (www.greens.ba)with the aim of integration and economic empowerment of people with disabilities. Greens supports the deinstitutionalization program of people with disabilities, so they can start independent living in the local community. Production is organized through the small urban farms in local community (program of Social Living Concept). 15 people with disabilities are currently going through education for Greenhouse production of microgreens, herbs and spices. Greens should empower young disabled people through education and preparation to develop their own business and strengthen their personal competencies in the field of urban organic agriculture.  With the promotion of organic food production, Social Business Greens is improving the gastronomic experience in B&H, through cooperation with high class restaurants and hotels. Also, we are raising the public awareness about the abilities of people with disabilities. The Social Enterprise "Greens" is the first company for producing microgreens, herbs and spices in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Our sales strategy is high price - high quality and our products are used by top chefs in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Also, our products can be purchased at the largest retail chain in B&H (MERKATOR).  We're also specific by training, empowering and employing people with disabilities, providing a strong link in the integration of these people into the open labor market.  Our plan is to develop this concept in other parts of Bosnia and Herzegovina where the program of Community Based Living for PwD exists. (Three more cantons with over 50 beneficiaries)   Sarajevo, Novembar 2018.  

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  • Date:15 Dec 2018 - 30 Dec 2018
  • Time:12:00 AM - 12:00 AM
  • Category:Rotary
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