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Forum Rotaricum 2, 2018

The second Forum Rotaricum organized by the Rotary Sarajevo International Delta club (RCSID) to mark the 100th anniversary of WW1 ending, centenary of the Republic of Austria and ongoing Austrian presidency of EU, took place on 10 November in Sarajevo where it gathered more than 50 participants who had an opportunity to listen and discuss the lecture titled “Austrian Century” by renowned Austrian journalist and author Hubert Nowak. 

„With the presentation of Mr. Nowak's book, we will join in marking of the 11th hour of the 11the day of the 11th month of the terrible war, as a tragedy that ended or ruined millions of lives. We all know how Sarajevo became a well-know place in the history of European wars, when the Great War was triggered and where 75 years after that war, another, local war was aso triggered against the BiH with an appalling agression against the country - yet another tragedy that ruined imillions of lives again,“ said Zeljka Mudrovcic, the President of the RCSID. 

In 2017, Mr. Nowak published the book “Ein österreichisches Jahrhundert: 1918-2018”(Molden), in which he traced the downfall of the monarchy and the evolution of the Austrian republic as we know it today, offering insights into often turbulent periods in which a „small“ state had to find adequate place among „bigger“ and more influential neighbors to finally become what it is today: a prosperous and responsible democracy, a committed member of the EU and a reliable partner in the international community. 

„Austria and Bosnia and Herzegovina, both countries want to have a good future together, of course there is still a long for way for BiH to become a part of the EU – but history unites and builds on that. Of course a question arises on what one country can learn from the development of another country, difficult phases existed in both countries, here in territory of the ex-Yugoslavia there has been a terrible civil war, and Austria too experienced the war in the first republic and it took years, but people have managed to overcome the conflicts and to find a peaceful democratic coexistence. It was hard and difficult, but it succeeded – but only after the second attempt, in the second republic, after the WWII“ – said Mr. Nowak. 

„In two days, we will mark 100 years of the proclamation of the first Austrian Republic, after the end of the monarchy. In the book I tried to analyze these 100 years, not to repeat them. The key events are well-known, and the central question in this book tries to find an answer on 'Why something is as it is?'“ - he added. 

Aimed at raising the level of general and specialized scientific knowledge of the audience and satisfying its curiosity, RC Sarajevo International Delta in 2017 established an annual public lecture “Forum Rotaricum Sarajevo” (FRS). Recognized leaders and experts in their respective fields are invited as speakers, including influential figures in the world of science and art, current or former political leaders, artists who are engaged in awareness raising or operational activities, writers and other international prominent figures. 

FRS serves as a unique platform for acquiring insight into contemporary thought and creativity. This annual activity also strives to encourage the responsibility of the society to systematically work on spreading knowledge and cultivating the attributes of its own cultural identity, as well as the identity of other nations.

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