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To mark the 25th anniversary of the Dayton Peace Accords, FRS will host an entertaining and thought-provoking documentary film that asks the people involved what they were thinking both then and now. The film will be preceded by a moderated discussion (in English) on Zoom, with the director, lead actor and fellow Rotarians of District 1910. Participants will be invited to send in their questions to keep the discussion interactive and lively. The one-hour discussion will be followed by a TV premiere of the documentary "Looking For Dayton" (*scheduled at 21:00 hrs on BHT1- the lead public TV station). An online screening link will be provided for participants joining from Austria.This year’s edition of FRS marks the 25th anniversary of the Dayton Peace Agreement. The agreement was an important victory for diplomacy over war and brought an end to the violent conflict in the country and to the dreadful atrocities suffered by the people of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Today, this agreement still guarantees the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Bosnia and Herzegovina, yet also has been criticized for failing to provide a strong foundation for accountable governance. Peace agreements are critical to ending human suffering, yet they are negotiated far away from the people who have to live with the consequences. The documentary "Looking for Dayton" centers on three regular guys who came of age during the siege of Sarajevo from 1992-1995.

Together with their local and foreign friends the trio hatches a plan to go to the USA for the 20th anniversary of the Daytion Peace Agreement to ask the people involved what they were thinking--then and now. After they come back life gets in the way, but as the 25th anniversary approaches and the world takes unexpected turns, they realize they need to finish the project.
  This webinar is organized under the aegis of the FRS series of dialogues and lectures that was established in 2017. The goal is to raise level of general and specialized scientific knowledge and intellectual discourse. Leaders and experts from various fields are invited as speakers including influential figures in the world of science and art, current or formal political leaders, and prominent international figures. Together with an active audience, the forum provides participants with an opportunity to engage with contemporary thinkers and to explore the new ideas.

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