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First RCSID meeting in 2021/2022

The first official meeting of the new Rotarian year took place at our new home address at Hotel Marriot Courtyard on 1 st September 2021. We started this year under the good fortune and great privilege since the esteemed Governor of our District 1910 Mr Leo Steiner treated us with a visit whilst putting in motion a very elaborate vision of Rotary under his mandate. It was a beautiful opportunity on both sides to share insights when it comes to expectations and hopes for years to come as well as to analyze experiences and challenges of the past year. Most special honour was the fact that on our first meeting of the year Mrs Benjamina Londrc Karić greeted the Governor both as historically the youngest serving Mayor of Sarajevo and proud member of the Rotary Club Sarajevo International Delta. We hope for fruitful joint work in this 2021/2022 year under the very blessing of the Rotary spirit: Service above self.  

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