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LUMOplay Handover

Under the aegis of RI initiative "Joint Service Week", on October 13th  RCSID organized a handover ceremony of the donation package for Vladimir Nazor Center in Sarajevo. Donation consists of LUMOplay equipment which is meant to enrich everyday learning activities for Vladimir Nazor Center students by using a digital playground and learning through games board. 

During the handover ceremony, students of Vladimir Nazor Center presented their talents through dancing, singing and poem reading. Live demonstration of LUMOplay equipment followed resulting with much joy for the participating students.  Mr. Haris Bilalović, RCSID President along with Ms. Maida Idrizović director of Vladimir Nazor Center,  Mr. Hasan Tanović, Mayor of Novo Sarajevo and Mr. Admir Drinić, CEO of Telemach company, greeted the audience and media representative emphasizing Rotary presence in Bosnia and Herzegovina, abundant with a history of humanitarian actions.

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